“the breeze today”



“There is something about this breeze,

playful, calm and peaceful.

which tells you to be silent, feel

dance to the rustle, with steps graceful”


“for one more time, you feel your breath,

for one more time, you know you are alive.

for one more time, the music divine 

sings in your ears, anecdote of thine”


“Thy Lover”



This piece of poetry was written by me at the time when the world had ended for (or so it seemed) i tried to smile and look casual was was successful too but deep down i was broken and thought that would never move on. I did move on. “strange are the ways of god, and stranger are we”


Sounds of laughter still reverberating in my heart,

I feel the showers of time cleansing my eyes,

Autumn has gone and winter in going to start,

The parrot drowned in grief is going to lie ‘neath the starry skies.


“Wincing in the pain of miles, I am thy lover hidden in smiles”


The fleet jealous of the twittering bird,

Fails to see its crying insides,

Though the parrot has lost its heart in the breezes of nights,

She beautifully hides in smiles, her eyes, full of cries.


“Wincing in the pain of miles, I am thy lover hidden in smiles”



“If I would have been a Painter”



The flickering of the sleepy stars,
and the arrival of the new day.
The silent, still, crimson clouds,
have left me nothing to say.

If i would have been a painter,
I would have painted the colors,
the joys of the morning,
the hues of the lovers.

Just then a lightening struck across the sky,
Brightening the night’s memories in my heart,
A group of birds, wings open, turned by,
to embrace me, this new day, this new start.






The tick of the clock has something to say,

the whiff of the breeze can always take away,
the wet of the eyes of the morning sky,
the prints in the sand of a passerby!
The tick of the clock has the final verdict.
A shooting star can make you an addict
you may flutter and try,you may totter and cry
but soon the fire would be a fleeting lie!
The tick of the clock can never listen
lame excuses of unfinished missions
you sleep a night with a hideous dream
the next morning you could be tasting cream!
the harder you try, the harder it seems,
the cage around you is of iron beams
to run with time is the toughest job
pointing at you, says the tick of the clock!!