My love story

my love for her is just like the unintelligible patterns that one makes out in the cumulus clouds of a clear sky.

The moment you look below and jump to some another thought, it disappears from the sky and the more and more you strain to find it out again, the more unimaginably impossible it seems.

Then, in a fleeting moment, when you’ve lost all your hopes. In a moment when your mind is devoid of any morsel of thought, it springs back to life as lifelike and remarkable as the borders of her eyes and then it becomes almost impossible to shake off that magnificently beautiful image from your mind. Until somehow you manage to tear your eyes away from the beauty and look around.

after all, my love story was bound to be different. I just wish it were not as different as this.


I wish you would

laugh, my laugh
and know the laughs,
cry my cry,
and feel the cries,
glance at the mirror,
with dark dull eyes,
which belong to me,
to watch your lips
curve for no reason.
crawl ‘neath my skin,
and live for a day,
for only then you will hear it all,
all my heart has to say.


To — —

Not long ago, the writer of these lines,

in the mad pride of intellectuality,

maintained “the power of brain”- denied that ever

a thought arose within the human brain

that can’t be wiped away by the gales of time.

And now, as if in mockery of that boast,

a picture, painted with blurry brushstrokes,

much alike the façade of Aphrodite,

bathing in the moonlight fall of silver sparkle,

and dancing to the hymns of angels,

have exhumed a fire lost in squalls of,

distance and clocks and unvoiced passion .

Resurrected the yearn to burn in the flames

of Proclivity to glance at the seraphic vista.

 Flared and charred I feel myself ashen,

and shivering.  My pen falls from stiff fingers,

and I stand at the fringe of the abyss,

with you at the bottom, and the sides

and at the start of the end and,

 at the end of the start, it’s you all around

O’ I wish, somehow, I drowned.


Shekhar Suman


 (the first three lines are taken from the poem of Edgar Allen Poe with the same title)