Two Face

Came across this piece after a long time, was hidden ‘neath layers of years.

Quite a conversation it is between two sides of a same person, each paragraph being a reply to the previous one, (except the first one of course ๐Ÿ™‚ )

Two Face

Today, I sat down to dissever

in a kingdom by the sea.

Crystal ice from red glowing ember,

of a dreamless, frozen me.

To discern my own delusive facade,

denude the me, hidden within me.

And swiftly I realized that the smoke I envision,

Has no fire but one in me.

Neither am I different from the things that I make up,

Nor am I unlike the things that I see.

Ah, the smoke, the slick soupy smoke.

Bred to birth by solitude and me,

but me, the erring despondent soul,

is such, O’ seraphs, only due to thee.

Seldom does it happen, unusual does it seem,

Inapt and impractical-it appears to be,

But, apart from all distrust and for every truth,

Interned by itself-is the one who is free.

Ah, the freedom, the fragrant foreign freedom,

Thou art different for he, different for me

An ant can always walk around,

In a cage for a man that never had a key.

Discernment of freedom is different from freedom,

It comes with a price, comparatively.

The man is in prison, the man has a choice

The ant has no choice, the ant is not free.

Ah the choice, the chaffy cheap choice,

Has burned the fire, lifted the smoke,

Its not free that comes with a price,

For its after, that I always choke.

Since all illusory dungeons are created by me,

The shackles are mine, mine is the smoke,

Despite all the haze, itโ€™s duty to see..

Despite all the dismay, itโ€™s a choice to choke.

Ah, the duty, the dreary damned duty,

The duty to see, the duty the breathe

the breeze filled with putrid smoke and smile

shackled I am again, for I have a duty to keep.

The first paragraph was written by me followed by the next paragraph by Yash -one of my philosophical friends (I hope you don’t read this ๐Ÿ˜›) and then me again and then him again as it continued to its demise.


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