The city of snow, enfields and apricots

Its not the feeling of achievement or finality that seeps in your heart when you visit this small town proudly sitting on the head of our magnificent India, but strangely, its just peace that settles all around you making the beats of your heart rhythmic, almost like playing a background score to the moonlight lullabies sung by the mountains to the fast flowing rivers.

But this, is just one face of Leh, the capital of Ladakh. The other face promises you a running vibe of adventure through its veins as Enfields rush around the city carrying the thumping hearts of the leather clad adventure seekers.

It could be very difficult and physically painful to reach the city by road, but finally when the roar of the Enfields struck the ear drums of me and my  friends and the tires started to roll towards to the world’s highest motorable roads, it all seemed a very meager price to pay for the feeling, for the ecstasy of the blood in our veins.

The following words/posts would be the account of what four sets of eyes (and a couple of cameras) captured in the unending beauty of Ladakh- the land of snow, Enfields and apricots.


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