There was a time when I used to read books in which the writers used to write about a single moment in which they lived their lives.

I never believed them,its not that I did not like them, it liked the feel, the feeling of love from my very childhood gave me goosebumps and made the world a prettier sight than it really is. But, I never believed them.

But then there came a moment in my life. the moment in which two infinitely different kinds of people stood looking at each other for the last time in their lives. Not the whole time, no, just the last moment when they shook hands and as one hand slipped over the other so as to maximise the time of contact and stayed in touch for a moment longer than it was necessary, and that moment, was my moment.

sometimes the desire for something grows so strong that the world world starts spinning around it. there could be no question of a yes or no, for that no will lead to a void which simply engulfs one’s full existence, making him someone or something completely different.

I wish, there was something around me and not this void. I wish I had not ceased to exist. I wish she had come back that day.


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