“The last hug”

The morning sunshine illuminating the day,

You are close to me; I can feel my heart sway,

Your unclosing depth on my eyes did stay

Thy arms clasped me, oh! I wish I can live forever this way


The darkness of the night I felt again,

In a sea of tears sailing in my forlorn main,

The sun behind the cloud, light still to come,

The drowsy flower, waiting for the breeze to hum.


Your thumping little bird is with me here

I live ‘for’ it with lots of love lots of care,

Slits of light gives me such a joy,

O god, how will I bear the whole sky!


Lots of desires sand lots of thrash passes my way,

But I move towards you, bound, never to sway

For the passions of this world, a normal shrug

Just waiting, and craving, for the re-creation of the last hug.




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