pathway to truth

In my quest to understand this world i started reading a lot of religious books. the first thing that became a bit clear was the path which i should stick to to attain salvation should not necessarily be the path of worship/puja! even the method of learning,education science and technology can give a soul salvation!

geeta “tritiya adhyae” third sholk…

(hindi translation)

“shri bhagwan ne kaha– he arjun, mai pehle hi bata chuka hu ki aatm sakchhatkaatkaar ka prayatn karne wale do prakaar k purush hote hai, kuch ise gyan-yog se samjhne ka prayatn karte hai aur kuch bhakti may sewa dwara”

english translation:

“lord krishna said to arjun– that he had already said that there are two kinds of people who want to achieve salvation. some try to understand it through education and others through worship”

so what do you understand by this???


“the childish question”

I am writing this as a question that has been vexing me since some time, I had been reading the ‘bhagwat geeta’ and was trying to discourse through the riddled phrases when a question struck me. this could be a childish one but I wanted to ask one simple thing, who wrote geeta? i mean i know geeta was said to arjuna by lord krishna and mahabharata was written by ved vyasa but how did he know, what was spoken by krishna during the war which was fought millenniums before the actual book was completed? please answer

its really confusing when apathy transforms into something which i truly donot understand.
whatever .. zindagi yun hi chalti rahegi..
Kaarwaan yun hi badhte rahenge
mahfilein har shaam yun hi shaja karengi 
par kuch baatein naa tab badli thi..
aur kuch baatein naa hi ab badli hain..!!!!