“The un-tuned instrument”


Even the best of all music can become a monotone if played for a long time. Similarly, even the hyper active individuals at times can feel a distinct monotone encroaching the sides of the surface of their being. Everything becomes slow and slurry and it seems like treading under deep waters. At most of the times people don’t realize it, because it feels as something has gone amiss with the tune of the instrument playing the rhythm of life.

Everyone faces such problems, or at least most of us, the question is, can we do anything to avoid it? Is there absolutely no method to bring the slightest of ripples in this monotonous life?

Let me try to answer the questions one by one. First, can we avoid it? The answer is yes we can. If we know beforehand that something like this is about to happen in our lives. But everyone live their lives for the first time, and experience is the comb that nature gives us when we become bald so life cannot be planned always. To not experience such life, try living your life low. Simply talking, life is just like a succulent, sweet fruit. One can either savor the sweetness at  one go or else you can keep on living the dream slowly, yeah, the sweetness will obviously be lesser but it will last much longer. Your life is always your choice, so decide wisely.

Secondly, can we bring ripples to already stagnant life? Yes, but requires hard work, and first of all realization. Sit down and think, that are yon really living your life… soon you will see the ripples! J



Shekhar Suman


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