As I felt the dryness of the cool, sultry wind brush my face today I knew it was the reckoning of the summer. Well, winter is called the season of the lovers but there is something about summer which rejuvenates a lover’s heart in a fashion that winter can never. It is the long and still summer afternoons. You feel the slumber settle all around as dew drops over rose petals in winter. It gives a sensation of satisfaction as the numbness takes over the adrenaline in your system and you silently smile embarking a dream filled sleep with the cushion held as tight as if it is your love of life and you never want to let it go. Such is the beauty of the summer. I sitting here in today can feel the ecstasy of the times, slowly mixing with my bloodstream as I am breathing inside the air heavy with anti-entropy particles. J

                   “Happy summer”


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