“The doctrine of the stars”



Astrology, the doctrine of the stars these days have become nothing more than a smirk on the faces of the so called ‘educated’ crowd or at times just a curious coincidence. We have become too self obsessed to anticipate the fact that the greatest of the kings, the most intelligent brains, of all times never even set their foot without the consent of the astrological sciences.

To begin with, we all know about electro-magnetic fields, well if not, we all have at least seen a magnet attract pieces of iron. This points to the fact that some objects have some special fields associated with it, for example the magnetic field associated with the MAGNET. Scientifically talking, every object in this universe, living or non-living, has a field associated with it and all of them have some specific properties.

The celestial orbs, the planets, stars, satellites, comets etc are too have their own ‘fields’ associated with them (something more than just the gravitational fields) and they are so big and massy that their fields have a significant effect on all the other objects.

A human brain works on electricity and electricity has electric field associated with it. At the time we are born and before that i.e. the time a human brain is getting developed inside a mother’s womb, the orientation of the heavenly orbs in the sky, their fields, have a significant effect on it. Thus we can categorize men according to the placement of the heavenly orbs at the time of their birth; for sure we can say that due to the combined effect of all the fields, people in one specific group will have some, at least some specific similarities.

This group is the zodiac, as they call in astrological sciences. Now let’s take an example of a man who was born on some specific celestial occasion say, the eclipse. At that point of time the field of the moon and the sun are quite disrupted. Assume they did interfere with the making of the man’s brain, in such a manner that when the specific situation repeats itself the normal functioning of the brain will be disturbed.

An astrologer knows this, as from his charts he knows the location of the orbs in the sky at the time of his birth thus he knows that if an eclipse is approaching the man’s mind is going to get disturbed, effected by the various ‘fields’ and something wrong (may be an accident, a disturbed mind can easily lead to an accident) may befall on the man. This stated in style is future prediction! And this is exactly what the science of astrology is.

Now how can astrologer vouch to protect the man from this coming certainity? Think analytically, if we have something with us which destructively interferes with the disturbing fields during an eclipse the job will be done. Thus the astrologer suggests a ring of some specific stone (which has a field that can do the job) to protect the man from his impending doom! As simple as that!

Thus we can see astrology is nothing more than advanced science. Just like as you may say, magic! Unbelievable until you understand it.


“The un-tuned instrument”


Even the best of all music can become a monotone if played for a long time. Similarly, even the hyper active individuals at times can feel a distinct monotone encroaching the sides of the surface of their being. Everything becomes slow and slurry and it seems like treading under deep waters. At most of the times people don’t realize it, because it feels as something has gone amiss with the tune of the instrument playing the rhythm of life.

Everyone faces such problems, or at least most of us, the question is, can we do anything to avoid it? Is there absolutely no method to bring the slightest of ripples in this monotonous life?

Let me try to answer the questions one by one. First, can we avoid it? The answer is yes we can. If we know beforehand that something like this is about to happen in our lives. But everyone live their lives for the first time, and experience is the comb that nature gives us when we become bald so life cannot be planned always. To not experience such life, try living your life low. Simply talking, life is just like a succulent, sweet fruit. One can either savor the sweetness at  one go or else you can keep on living the dream slowly, yeah, the sweetness will obviously be lesser but it will last much longer. Your life is always your choice, so decide wisely.

Secondly, can we bring ripples to already stagnant life? Yes, but requires hard work, and first of all realization. Sit down and think, that are yon really living your life… soon you will see the ripples! J



Shekhar Suman

“A conversation with the mirror in my death-bed-side”


“I always believed that there were two kinds of men in this world, men who go to their deaths screaming and men who go to their deaths in silence”


Today I closed my eyes and started thinking. May be it was the embrace of the cool night breeze or maybe it was just the slumber taking over my eyelids, which was doing the thinking but suddenly a question propped in my mind. Who am I? And how will I be when facing my deathbed? Will I go in silence accepting my obvious fate or will I go on screaming trying foolishly to scare death away by my petty screams! I don’t know.

The movement of thoughts in an inquisitive mind is just like a “cat in a hot tin roof”; it can never stay still however hard you try. So is the rule, and accordingly my mind behaved. The next thought flowing through the labyrinthine which caught my attention was the question that what decides a man’s behavior near death. Is it their in-built chemical composition of the brain or is it the way they had lived their life. May be both. No matter.

The ‘scared’ die screaming. They are people who hate the unknown and are afraid of it. They are the people who have a lot of unfulfilled desires. The people who die silent are the ones with a heart which is saturated from any kind of adventure, it is not that they don’t have desires, desires which they would have fulfilled if they had not died, they have them, and it is just that they had lost all the hopes of ever fulfilling them long ago.

There is a third kind of people. People who die smiling. They are the people who have a satisfied existence. If one of them dies tomorrow, he/she will still be smiling because before the sun sets each evening they end their day’s errands with a sense of satisfaction because whatever they did made them happy.

I want to be one of them. Why? Because just thinking about it, just thinking about being happy each and every moment I live makes the moment special let alone living such a life.


Shekhar Suman©




As I felt the dryness of the cool, sultry wind brush my face today I knew it was the reckoning of the summer. Well, winter is called the season of the lovers but there is something about summer which rejuvenates a lover’s heart in a fashion that winter can never. It is the long and still summer afternoons. You feel the slumber settle all around as dew drops over rose petals in winter. It gives a sensation of satisfaction as the numbness takes over the adrenaline in your system and you silently smile embarking a dream filled sleep with the cushion held as tight as if it is your love of life and you never want to let it go. Such is the beauty of the summer. I sitting here in today can feel the ecstasy of the times, slowly mixing with my bloodstream as I am breathing inside the air heavy with anti-entropy particles. J

                   “Happy summer”