“The story of the WAR”



To start this post I would like to quote a very famous line from a very famous book. “History is a fable written by the winning team”. Well it sounds promising enough, but the question is why I quoted this text to this place.

For the answer I would like to resort to my favorite technique, the story telling mode. : P

Once upon a time, there were two derby groups. The things that they fought about were god. Whose god was better, more powerful, blah blah blah! One day they had a fight, a really big fight and one won and obviously the other team lost. Say team A won and the war was lost by the Team B.

Now, imagine yourself to be the leader of the Team A i.e. the winning team. What would you do? You will do the same what all the other human beings would do (unless you are the kind who always pretend to change the rules and broaden your chests about it unknown to the fact that that seldom do the rule changers get the opportunity to play the games again!) .you would go and destroy the relics of the Team B, most probably defame the Team B god, and perhaps if you are vindictive kind of human being you would end up calling the other god Satan!

Well, the point which I wanted to disclose here is that, this is the truth about how our history has been shaped. There had been wars, a lot of wars in the past and all those wars have contributed into building this society of ours which we live in, but what is the truth? Is everything correct?

Consider a case where Team B was correct in its motives and Team A won (it’s possible because only the good triumphs over evil is a fable told to the kids to make them believe that everything in this world is good which, I think you may all second, is not true. Now, as team A won they would have done the same to Team B, i.e. defamed the god of team B and we the descendents finally end to believe whatever ‘they’ said, and even sometimes conflict with each other to prove themselves correct. And again their god is better theory!

For an example, ‘The Swastika’. We Hindus do firmly believe that it’s a good-luck charm, but it would surprise you to know that the same Swastika (a little bit tilted tough!) was the German war insignia!

To end this all I just wanted to say that we need a lot of reforms in our beliefs!!




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