“The story of the tied CAT”


Science has developed. The world has blown off all the boundaries and is taking huge leaps and bounds toward development with the every single moment that passes by. And in this din, the existence of god is forgotten.

Is it so? The answer to question is very simple. People who call themselves educated say they are non believers and people who prefer being in-educated believe in god in their own crude way.

                Well, beliefs and superstitions are both born in the same way. Coincidences. Let me give you an example.

“Once upon a time there was a sage, yeah the one with long beard, living in mountains and taking a bath in the ‘dreadfully cold’ holy waters every morning. Well, however foolish looking he may seem to you he was quite famous in his area, perhaps you may say ‘people around there were uneducated!!’ One common morning, after completing his daily chores he set out for the Yagya. A kind of worship in which a fire is lit in the center and hymns are chanted all day sitting around.

                There was a cat that too lived in the area and was at that present moment, was taking a good nap. The loud voice of the sage awakened it from its deep slumber and it went out to enquire about the happenings. It saw the Yagya, the bright waving fire and went near to check what it was clearly awed by its magnificent brightness and sonority.

                The sage saw it, and picking a nearby pebble shooed it away!

The cat was annoyed and it returned again to persue its crazy goal of know what that bright, wavy shiny thing was and was shooed away yet again.

It got angry and attacked the sage, who finally getting annoyed picked up a rope caught the cat and tied it to a nearby tree so that it cannot disturb him anymore.

There was a man-a foolish man walking nearby. When he crossed the Yagya site and saw the cat tied , he was surprised and ran with his hands waving shouting “holy God, save us!”. In the village people saw him asked what the matter was. And he said, “we all have been performing our Yagya’s wrong. We had to tie a cat for it to be completed; the gods are going to be very angry!!!! I saw the saw now!” people were struck by this fact. Many went to check the sage other didn’t even bother, they just god hold of a cat somehow and tied it to a nearby tree and performed a Yagya!

“This story, the story of the tied cat” tell us something very interesting. First of all it teaches us how superstitions are born. Secondly it asks us question, do we really know the background stories of what we believe or are we just like the villagers who lived near the “CAT”!


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